The Dictator- Spoiler warning!

by puahz

Meet General Admiral Aladeen, supreme leader of the Kingdom of Wadiya!


Borat and Bruno fans won’t go away disappointed with this romcom.

Scenes that had the audience roaring. 

General Aladeen orders his henchmen to execute of any subject who makes him look bad or simply disagrees with him. The hand gestures mimicking the slitting of throat and his moronic facial expression are simply hilarious.

Sex-crazed Aladeen takes a picture with a supermodel escort he pays for sex with. At the end she demands a jet out of Wadiya after payment and poses for the couple-shot with the general. Best thing is, the polariod is framed up alongside hundreds of other polariod memories in Aladeen’s bedroom – the likes of linsey lohan and katy perry.

Aladeen tries to mask his identity in a anti-Aaladeen pub full of former Widaya citizens he ‘executed’. The pub owner is highly suspicious of the new customer who bears an uncanny resemblance to the dictator save for the characteristic beard. When asked for his name, Aladeen invents pseudonyms on the fly improvising with signs on the wall, inserting random pauses and using a strong arabic accent.

Bad taste humour 

No value judgment here but there are some kinds of humour that liberals and conservatives would agree is distasteful. Firstly the child birth scene and vaginal jokes. I get the point you’re supposed to take these things light-heartedly. But still it’s distasteful. Secondly, Aladeen’s messing around with a dead African-american’s head – the oral sex prank in particular. That was too much for me.

The dictator-who-hasnt-jerked-off-and-finally-finds-his-hand-part was just about right in terms of sexual humour.

So yeah if you are the mega conservative sort this film is not for u. Sasha Baron Cohen and all his works are not for you for that matter.

What I personally enjoyed about the show

I really like how green vegan hairy armpits Amherst-educated tomboyish hobbit-girl Joey (Anna Faris) was cast. Human rights champion who’s particularly fond of political refugees. Classic new age american hippie cum modern woman. She takes a desperate Aladeen in and offers him employment at her organic market unaware of his true identity. She falls in love with his brazen and funny character while he falls in love with her righteous and passionate self.  (yes i’m talking about Aladeen’s lingering stare when Joey harangues the police officer for wrongfully arresting Aladeen and his mad-scientist friend because of racial stereotypes.) Honestly I’m so glad she wasn’t LBGT.

Aladeen’s speech about democracy at the Lancester Hotel after he ripped to bits Wadiya’s unsigned constitution has got to be the climax of the show. The quintessential message: America’s already like a dictatorship of the ruling class. Democractic in form, ‘tyranny of the upper class’ in substance.

Concluding words 

First-rate political satire with romantic comedy appeal. The character of General Aladeen is also very well-developed –  Hard-nosed brutal dictator with strutting around with a self-obsessed exuberance but underneath belies a soft inner core and the need for love and affection. The references to corporate greed and America’s human rights hypocrisy forces us to re-examine our basic political beliefs about democracy and what we think is good for the middle east regimes. (“the people of Wadiya love to be oppressed”) The Arab-spring timing is perfect.