by easyeights

Yoof and young manhood. ¡La liberacion!

A German film about the Red Army Faction that terrorised West Germany in the 1970s. It suffers from slow pacing but redeems itself with an intimate glimpse into the lives of the first generation of communist terrorists who sought to portray themselves as saving Germany from itself.

What I liked best

The violence was not overdone – as is typical of European films – and is tastefully used to move the story along. It does not glorify the terrorists or their actions, but is used sparingly to highlight the things they did.

What I did not like

It was a generally slow movie and for the most part conducted in German. I found myself more occupied with researching the history on the Red Army Faction than actually watching the movie.

What I felt genuinely happy about

German sexual liberation in an Arab terrorist training camp. It has to be seen to be believed.

Rating: 3.5/5