by easyeights

Run-of-the-mill Hollywood gangster movie. You know how it ends. 

Johnny Depp stars in an above-average take on the life and times of infamous Depression-era Chicago mobster John Dillinger. The props and costumes are authentically 1930s, but the film style puts a modern spin on the storied gangster’s tale.

What I liked best

Marion Cotillard as Billie Frechette. ’nuff said.

What I did not like

Some of the gunfights felt a bit too draggy and Depp’s associates were played with a lackluster vibe that generally slowed down the pacing of the movie. Christian Bale’s Melvin Purvis was generally passable as the on-the-ball agent who could have done with a tad bit more screentime.

What I felt sad about

It was a movie with promise – i.e that could have been executed a little tighter. The sound was frequently off in some parts, although it was probably more to do with the DVD than anything else.

Rating: 3/5