WAR HORSE (2011)

by easyeights

A story that was more about the horrors and privations of the First World War than about the horse itself. 

I’ll say this: You know a war movie is in good hands when it’s directed by Steven Spielberg. The man doesn’t disappoint, delivering in full detail the shock and awe of the mud and blood in the trenches along the Western Front and the very palpable sense of terror in the early stages of gas, machine guns and indirect artillery fire.

Then I remembered the movie was about that damned horse.

What I liked best

It’s a part of that new trend in mainstream filmmaking by attempting to convey as much as possible through gorgeous landscape and close-up cinematography than through actors’ dialogue. Where actually present, the lines serve instead to enhance rather than to move the plot along, and thus lends the movie an authentic feel of the period in which the movie is set.

What I didn’t like

The Germans and French speaking heavily accented English. It does away with unnecessary subtitles, but it seemed so incongruous.

What I felt genuinely happy about

A good, solid war movie, if nothing else. Do you like horses? I don’t like horses. So there.

Rating: 4.5/5