by easyeights

Guns, gangs and tattoos. Oh, and Naomi Watts. 

For many people, Viggo Mortensen is and always will be Aragorn from the blockbusting trilogy that single-handedly turned New Zealand into a mass-market tourist destination overnight. The now 53-yo Danish-American has proven his hand in a series of excellent but less well-known movies – Eastern Promises being chief among them. (Best to forget about Hidalgo.)

What I liked best:

Fight Scene

Embedding was disabled, so click on it to watch. It’s age restricted for violence. 

What I did not like:

The fact that Naomi Watts was able to go so far and so deep into a supposedly dangerous gang’s problems left me wondering if it was truly as accurate as some reviewers claimed it was.

What I felt genuinely happy about:

A real, believable fight scene with real Russian mob tattoos. There’s nothing really deep in this movie; it’s just an attempt to shed some light on the inner workings of one of the world’s most famous organised crime groups.

Rating: 4/5